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Internet marketing contributes to a considerable chunk of your enquiries and sales. To optimize the potential of internet marketing, it is necessary to have an effective and functional website design. An important element of effective web design is PSD to XHTML, HTML conversion.

Necessity of PSD to XHTML conversion services:

PSD to XHML conversion is necessary because PSD format is not browser compatible. So if your website is PSD enabled, you may lose out on certain features in the portal. Our company provides high quality PSD to XHTML conversion solutions to ensure the integrity of your website contents. We assure all our clients that after PSD to XHTML conversion, the resulting product will be compatible with all commonly available browsers with W3c validation. So PSD to XHTML conversion increases the accessibility of your website to prospective customers, enhancing your business.

Advantages of PSD to XHTML conversion

XHTML is a multi browser compatible code that is used for designing web pages. When a website is opened, the browser reads the XHTML code on the page and displays the text embedded within, making the website content and images available to the user. XHTML enables you to format web pages that are novel and unique for your website by only slightly modifying the existing templates. In addition, PSD to XHTML conversion enables to make the website more interactive by supporting Flash applications. Interactive and interesting websites attract more traffic. PSD to XHTML converted website has the option of providing a web enquiry form or contact sheet which the visitor can fill up. You can use this database of prospective customers for various marketing activities. With such important benefits, it makes sense to convert PSD to XHTML for your website.

Features of PSD to XHTML conversion:

PSD to XHTML conversion provides a table less format that has its own advantages. Table less format enables appropriate placement of images on the page, making it very light for the internet. This translates into faster page loading for your website, which is definitely a major plus point for your business. Table less XHTML format also helps you to incorporate maximum SEO keywords due to their clean format design. PSD to XHML conversion gives a well structure and error free website with user friendliness and SEO friendliness.

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